Mental Health Check-in for Amy and Life Conquering Blog

mental health check-in
I am coming to you today with a mental health check-in.  Friends, my
heart is full and excited. 
Mental Health Check-in

Mental Health Check-in

I have come up with a fair analysis of my mental health check-in for this month.  Realizing I had actually kept my promise to myself and to you by achieving a noble goal.  There is plenty of elation over here about sharing with you in hopes this will give someone encouragement today.
The goal was to, come hell or high water, post on Life Conquering Blog at least one time each week for four weeks in a row.  Trying to keep my posts on Monday or Tuesday, I think there was only one time I
posted on a Wednesday.

My heart is full and happy because I have never been able to carry out a promise like this.  I always let my fears choke me back from trying.

Mental Health Check-in

Saying I am over-the-top giddy, is putting it lightly. It is an honor to share the July 2019 edition of a mental health check-in with you.

The Methods that prove Useful

In order to reach my goal successfully, I grasped in hindsight, these four take-a-ways.  The little gems of knowledge evolved over the past four weeks without me knowing about it.  I look forward to using them again, but with my brain engaged.

Eyes on the Road

I kept my goal loosely, but always before me.  From the beginning, I would say “Once a week on Monday or Tuesday” to keep the stress low.  I believe the keys here are to center my mind, a goal that was flexible and did not have any parameters that I could not cross.  “So what?  I was too busy on Monday to finish the Life Conquering Blog post.  There is still Tuesday.” The stress is just melting away.

Mental Health Check-in

My previous goals failed because I was too busy being focused on the rules instead of letting the rules be a guide to help.  In these old goals, there were no alternatives to find and pursue.  I would get upset that I had not posted in two weeks.  Instead of sitting down and pecking a blog on the laptop, I beat myself up because I could not meet a deadline which turned into me failing at yet another deadline.

This time around was different.  Did I get a blog out every week?  Yes!  Does it REALLY matter if it is Monday or Tuesday when I first start off?  No!  Success!

One Fin at a Time

I did not obsess about the final product.  As of today, I should have four blogs posted on Life Conquering for the month of July.  Each week is in succession with no breaks in between.  

This business of not obsessing about the end was a game-changer.  I couldn’t imagine the first week out of the gate back in September 2014 thinking to myself, “Four blogs in a row.  No breaks!”  Can you image the impact?  I would have frozen and failed. 

It’s the difference between Marlin the Clown Fish tackling the entire ocean to find Nemo in one day, versus Dory who took it one fin at a time. 

Mental Health Check-in

“Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!”

I had no formula or magic saying.  Although I would say, “One blog post a week – that’s all!”  But you see, I never kept a count along the way.  This enabled my head to breathe and not go berserk! 

It’s Always Better to Give than to Receive

I began the goal to benefit someone else and not me.  This challenge was for my readers.  Your sister in mental illness wants to be a better blogger and writer.  In order to do that, I had to think about your needs. 

Ever since I began Life Conquering Blog – A Mental Health Outreach, I always wanted to post on the same day every week.  But I could never be consistent.  The day of the week would change.  I would miss 2 or three or more weeks of blogging. 

Mental Health Check-in

Once I moved the pressure off me to perform perfectly, I simply felt like a servant doing her duty.

I like helping.  If I do the chores around the house just to get them done, I have no motivation and move at a glacial pace.  But, if I am cleaning for or with my husband, James, there is a spring in my step and a tune on my lips. 


Praying and writing are synonymous to me. It doesn’t matter if it is a blog post, article or essay.  Deadlines are prayed over.  The motivation to write is at the top of the list of prayers.  My heart prays for the brothers and sisters who struggle with living and living with a mental illness. Needless to say, prayer plays a very strong place in what I do here at Life Conquering Blog – A Mental Health Outreach. 

Mental Health Check-in

So why didn’t God answer my prayers for consistency when I first started blogging?  It simply wasn’t the right time.  The Bible tells us that God’s timing is perfect.  God gives us an answer – yes, no, maybe, or wait a while. He knew exactly when I would be ready to accept the gift of consistency and loyalty. 

I could have been the barrier between me and success. Maybe I would pray to give it to God but then quickly pull it away revealing I wanted to do it my way, in my time.

July was the perfect time to show me I was ready.  I had failed so many times, had so many scrapes, scars, and bruises from failed attempts at success that all I had left to do was have faith.

Mental Health Check-in

Conclusion for Mental Health Check-in

So here you have it.  A goal accomplished with four different steps in which to achieve said goal.  The underlying theme here is to “Just let it unfold.”  You do not have to have a four-part PowerPoint Presentation with graphics and sound effects.  Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Pick an achievable goal.
  2. Have the goal in mind, but not 2 in. from your nose.
  3. No obsessing allowed.  Take it a fin at a time.
  4. Do something for somebody else.
  5. Pray.
Mental Health Check-in

You can do this!!!


What do you think?  Is it doable?  What goal have you been hoping to accomplish?  My newest goal is to go back to my Depression Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) group.  The connections I made were nice and fulfilling. Back then, I did not feel so alone. The four steps I just shared with you I want to try on my goal of going back to the group.  I want to see if it will work in a different scenario.

What is your goal?  Do you have step-by-step methods that have helped you in the past to achieve something?  Please share in the comment section below.  Or you can email me at

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Mental Health Check-in

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