Mental health blog expanding its resources

Mental Health Blog

I have added onto Life Conquering’s resources that it offers.  All of these resources are in line with the organization’s mission statement.  The mission statement of this mental health blog is to encourage those people who have a mental illness and to educate those who do not thereby tearing down the walls of stigma.

Below I have included the names of the tabs which correspond to the services that we offer.  You will need to go to and look at the top of the landing page for the red tabs.

Mental Health Resources

This tab has information for people who are in a mental health crisis and need to talk with somebody over the phone for help.  There are toll-free phone numbers listed as well as links to websites.

About Amy Romine

If you want to see a picture of the mental heath blogger, this is the tab to look in.  I give a brief statement on Life Conquering as well as a bit of short history on me.  If you have been to the About page in the past, it is different now.

Mission Statement

I have the organization’s mission statement here in this tab.  If you have any questions about our mission statement, email me at

mental health blog

mental health blog

Freelance Writer and Blogger

As you may know, I not only write for Life Conquering but also for print and digital magazines as well as other blogs.  I mention the topics I am most familiar with in this tab as well as the bottom range of my fees.

Social Media Consultant

In this tab you will get a sense of my expertise and what I can offer you for your blog and/or website.  I may already have my first customer!!

Mental Health Speaker

I have experience speaking about mental health and being a mental health blogger.  My focus is always the mission statement – encourage and educate  If you would like for someone to come to your workplace, church, civic organization, police department, school or wherever else you see the need for mental health encouragement and education.  I am also able to speak on topics such as social media, how to get started as a writer or on WordPress.

Contact Information

Email me at to set up a Facebook Messaging conference or over the phone.


About Amy Pierce Romine

I am a freelance writerblogger along with speaker and social media consultant on topics regarding mental health My bipolar 1 with psychotic features, rapid cycling and mixed episodes remained unnoticed from my early childhood days through high school where I grew up in an alcoholic home.  I went completely manic in my twenties and did not have my first diagnosis and treatment until 2007.

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