“Lulu is a Rhinoceros” – Do you know who you are?

Lu Lu

I was struggling with what to write for the blog this week, until I met Lulu, the bulldog. She is the star of a new children’s book and was featured on Dr. Phil. The illustrations by Sophie Corrigan are amazing as they pull you into the storybook alongside Lulu.

Boy, was I glad I stumbled upon Dr. Phil’s last few minutes of the show on Friday. Otherwise, I would have nothing to write for this blog post.

Are you looking for a last-minute gift item for the elementary or middle school age child in your life (or high school, college, or young adult)? Lulu’s book would be a perfect Christmas gift for anybody.

The gift of Lulu

You will see Lulu’s story is for all ages. Just about anyone can relate to Lulu’s predicament.

Lulu’s Story – is it Your’s?

I don’t want to give the story away. But, here’s the 4-1-1 on Lulu the bulldog. Whenever she looks in a mirror she sees a rhinoceros. She believes she is more then capable of being a large mammal with a commanding horn on its nose than a pudgy, squished-nose dog, with little ears.

Lulu’s Mirror

This sweet bulldog goes to great lengths in the book to show everybody she is in fact a rhinoceros. Her antics even get her stuck inside an orange construction cone just to prove her point!

Lulu trying to be a rhinoceros

Everybody, in some sort of way, has felt out of sorts before. Maybe you didn’t feel comfortable in your own skin. Maybe your glasses was the focal point of a bully’s mean comments. Your nice demeanor gets taken advantage of when starting and completing projects at the office. Your skills are called on time and time again for the group without you ever receiving thanks for your time.

When things pop up in our lives that make us look differently at ourselves, judging based on the world’s view, we tend to be hard on ourselves. What do you see when you look into a mirror? A mother who loves her children or a worn out woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown? A father who loves his family and gives every ounce of his energy to them or a burned out dad who can’t stop working overtime? What about you, the one with the scarf on her head? In the middle of radiation treatments? Do you feel strong and ready to fight, or has the wind blown away your hair along with your dignity?

Lulu’s Story – is my Story

I can relate to Lulu and her situation. Just like Lulu having problems seeing herself as a bulldog, I have problems seeing myself as mentally ill. Just like Lulu, I look in that mirror and see someone with so much more depth than just being a person with a mental illness.


Through my mental illness, I have fought many battles over and over and over again. I know the place where I started and I know where I am at this point in time. When I look in the mirror and see that big smile, I can’t get away from the bipolar disorder. Yet, the definition has changed. Bipolar becomes my banner waving in the air that I am an overcomer, winner, fighter, a Jesus girl.

A King and a Servant

Through all the roller coaster rides I have endured, there has been ONLY one constant in my life and that is Jesus. Yes, the baby Jesus born in a manager.

Baby Jesus

Jesus was born poor. When He began His ministry, He humbly served others. He died an outlaw. When He returns again, He will be the King of kings. If He looked in Lulu’s mirror, Jesus would see the King of kings and Lord of lords.

Jesus Christ’s crown of thorns

In today’s society, many people look at Jesus and see: a sweet innocent baby, a good teacher, a prophet, a great story teller, a healer, a man who died, but did not raise from the dead.

He was all of those things except He did raise from the dead. But that is all some people see. They do not see the King of kings.

Instead of seeing a rhinoceros like Lulu the bulldog saw (of course He wouldn’t see a rhinoceros, He created rhinoceroses), Jesus saw in the reflection: a Friend who sticks closer than a brother, the Son of God, Jesus the Christ, Jesus the Counselor, Jesus the Lamb of God. And Servant King.

How do you see Jesus? Is he just a good man or is He the Savior of the world?

Jesus the Lamb of God

When Jesus looks into your mirror, He doesn’t see a burnt-out mom, an over-worked dad, an embezzler, neglected children, someone mentally ill, a frazzled boss, a murderer, a sinner, an adulterer. Jesus sees you as you – His precious creation. In the mirror, He sees the son or the daughter He came to earth to die for.

Jesus the Good Shepherd


What do you see in Lulu’s mirror? No matter what the reflection is, do you know who you are? Did you know that you are loved with a hurricane force love by God? Did you know that Jesus covers your sins (everything you did to separate yourself from God) with His blood? See the way Jesus sees you as unique, loved, and never alone.

Call to Action

This Christmas, pick up the book about sweet Lulu for yourself or someone you care about. Below is a link to Amazon.com.

The best gift for someone you care about.

When you think about Christmas, remember that someone loves you just the way you are. Jesus doesn’t expect you to come to Him sparkling clean. No, that is His job. Won’t you let Jesus speak to your heart?

Let me know if you bought the book. Tell me if you bought it for yourself and why?

What are your plans for Christmas?

Who needs to be encouraged in your corner of the world? Text them, call them, or maybe Message them. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just reach out and let them know you care.