Life Conquering Ministries Debuts at Southeast Christian Church Southwest Campus

Life Conquering Ministries

Life Conquering Ministries – First Appearance in Public

On Saturday, April 22, 2017, from 10:30-12:30 the Southwest Campus Women’s Ministry hosted “Pinterest and Popcorn”. The event had a number of booths with an eclectic tapestry of ideas and topics. There were craft stations, fudge samples, homemade jewelry and even a live chicken!  Life Conquering Ministries set up a booth, too.

I eagerly accepted a position as booth presenter. The morning of the event, I packed up the laptop, copies of my first published article, a bag of Life Savers candy and tickets for a giveaway.  I had a chance to speak to at least 70 different women about how Jesus is my life saver in the hell of my bipolar 1.

Life Conquering Ministered Face to Face with the Hurting

I was so blessed to meet so many beautiful women.  Even more amazing is how many women opened up once I said “I have bipolar 1”.  I was not prepared to meet women who said “I have had depression for over 20 years” or “My husband has anxiety” or “My neighbor’s niece has bipolar”.  I was blown away at the number of women who were touched in some way by mental illness and felt like I did – people need to be educated and the stigma needs to vanish AND JESUS IS OUR LIFE SAVER!

Life Conquering’s Next Step

From Saturday’s first successful experience presenting Life Conquering, I am even more determined to get the word out about this ministry.  If you know of a group, men or women or young or old who could use some encouragement, please contact me.  My main story might be bipolar 1, your story might be abuse, divorce, adoption, failure, greed, lying…it doesn’t matter what your story is, the answer is all the same – JESUS!

Email Me

If you have an event scheduled, where God could work through Life Conquering to share His love, contact met, I would love to share the truth of  God’s Word with any group.

Going Further

Here is a recording of Jennifer Choate, Southwest Women’s Ministry Leader who shows observers the activities going on at the PInterest and Popcorn Event at Southeast Christian Church Southwest Campus.