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Life Conquering Blog

Life Conquering Blog’s History

Ever since Life Conquering Blog’s birth, I have toyed with part of the name which would affect its purpose. It has always been LCB; however, the second part, after the hyphen, was always difficult to nail down. I wanted a name that was clear in its meaning to represent a woman who has bipolar 1 with psychotic features, mixed episodes, ultra-rapid cycling, ADHD, OCD, GAD, and social anxiety, who just happens to be a Christian. This time, I think I got it! Life Conquering Blog – A Mental Health Outreach

The Purpose of Life Conquering Blog – A Mental Health Outreach

The purpose of Life Conquering Blog is to encourage and educate about mental illness; thereby helping to tear down the walls of stigma in communities all over the world.

Why is Changing the Name so Important?

I changed the name to a “Life Conquering Blog – Mental Health Outreach” because, I believed the other names I used: Life Conquering Blog – Conquering Life with Jesus, Conquering Mental Health with Jesus, Conquering Bipolar with Jesus, – were all too narrow. My heart’s cry is to help as many people as I can while I am here on this earth. I do not want to exclude anybody.

Going back to the most recent mental illness diagnosis I was given (see the first paragraph), I can talk about more than bipolar. I have endured symptoms in all of the illnesses listed. And through my experience and my research, I have become an expert.

As an expert for Life Conquering Blog, I believe calling it an outreach will be more welcoming to all walks of life. Yes, I may have different strategies on how I deal with persistent symptoms, but they are all validated by my own encounters. I always say, “take what you want, leave what you don’t”.

You may wonder what my spiritual or religious views are concerning mental illness. I would encourage you to read the blog I wrote a few weeks ago based on a reader’s questions about the Holy Spirit and being bipolar.

How does Mental Health Outreach solve anything?

Life Conquering Blog – A Mental Health Outreach has a greater potential to help more people. Based on my diagnosis and my experiences for 20 or more years, I am able to talk openly with people who have similar struggles. I may not have schizophrenia, but due to my detailed combat with hallucinations (in all senses) and paranoid delusions, I can reach out to someone struggling with the same.

I not only blog, but I write for other publications. Also, I have speaking events anywhere there is stigma and someone needs to be encouraged.

To shut down mental health stigma, it is going to take everyone with a passion to fight against stigma in this world. Outreach to people is a great way to get conversations started.

A Mental Illness Transformation

Life Conquering Blog – A Mental Health Outreach has always been a way I can show the transforming power of God through a mental illness. I love blogging about how I can choke out the words, “HELP ME!” over and over and He knows exactly what I need and delivers it right when I need it.

Of course, there are other ways I like to share mental illness transformations. It could be a good walk or run, a challenging game or puzzle, maybe a moving book or article on the Internet, or a long talk with someone special.

You may not have a diagnosed mental illness nor a personal relationship with Jesus, that’s okay. You are in a safe place to transform in any way you need to. All the same, I hope you are able to be transformed as someone with a mental illness or a friend, relative, or coworker of same by the words on your screen from Life Conquering Blog – A Mental Health Outreach.

Call to Action: LCTalk

Do you have an office environment that could benefit from a mental health outreach Talk such as Life Conquering? What about a police department that needs a refresher course on the delicacies of mental illness? Maybe a school needs an LCTalk in order to help friends who are mentally ill and have attempted suicide?

I give LCTalks at schools, colleges, police departments, civic organizations, churches, Bible studies, Women’s groups, first responders, hospitals, etc. If you want more information on how to schedule an LCTalk, take a look below.

  1. Email me at
  2. Give me the details of your group (numbers, men, women, students, nurses, police officers, parents, and the age range of students.
  3. What you want to be accomplished in the LCTalk (suicide prevention, mental health stigma, how to be a friend/parent/coworker to someone who has a mental illness, etc.).