Jesus Fights My Battles Everyday, All Day

Jesus fights my battles

Everyday I feel like I am fighting a battle.  Fighting to stay awake, fighting to stay present, fighting to stay focused, fighting to get out of bed and get a shower, fighting to stay up instead of down.  If I did not have Jesus, I would be unable to get out of bed everyday let alone go to work and make a living.

I found this quote by Charlotte Bronte.  “But life is a battle: may we all be enabled to fight it well.”

There was a time when I thought my skills and my strength and the fact I got an education was what won the fights.  I thought my reputation was the reason I was succeeding.  All wrong!

It took me falling to the ground with my face smashed into the carpet reeling from a mixed Bipolar episode to realize that it isn’t by my own strength that I win the battles.  Jesus Christ fights for me.  Not me – I’m too weak.  But another thing I have discovered, when I am weak, that is when I am strong.  I would rather have bipolar and Jesus anyday than no bipolar and my strength to carry me through.

Here is a link to my bipolar blog, Life Conquering.  I talk about all things bipolar and mental illness in general.  But I also talk about how God has walked beside  me, bipolar and all.