Jesus Accepts Me “As Is”


My husband and I are living in a “temporary housing” situation. We sold our house two years ago this September and have been looking for that dream home ever since. Combing through the on-line listings makes it much easier to get a first-hand glimpse of a house before investing time in a showing.

We have our qualifiers in what we are looking for in our next abode. For example, we would like to have a large backyard with a fence, three bedrooms and a basement. We tend to stay away from the listings that are being sold “as is”. This means that what you see is what you get and there may need to be additional investment on the buyer’s part for renovations. Did you find a hole in the wall? Too bad, the seller is not obligated to fix it according to their “as is” contract. Is the water heater busted? Oh well, the seller is not responsible for buying the replacement. My husband and I are not interested in getting involved with those types of contracts and incurring extra expenses going into a home.

Have you ever felt like you were rejected for being “as is”? Are you afraid of being accepted because you did hard time in prison for something you later regretted? Did you have an abortion and feel rejected in the office break room when everybody is talking about their kids and grandkids? Are you a recovering alcoholic who lost everything and is afraid to start over again because of fear of no one accepting you?

There is One who does not reject you for being “as is”. We were bought “as is” – faults, defects, differences as well as baggage. In John 3:17, we are reminded why Jesus came to this earth in the first place, “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him”. “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” Romans 8:1. Jesus is not here to point fingers. He stands there with arms open wide, ready to accept you “as is”.

If you accept the free gift of salvation, you are no longer condemned. You do not have to fix up or go through major renovations in order to come to Jesus. He is waiting for you, right where you are. If you would like to talk about coming to Jesus “as is”, email me at I would love to talk to you about a personal relationship with Jesus.