Bipolar State-of-Mind


MIB = Missing in Bipolar

I know I have not been posting on a regular basis lately.  I love to write, but sometimes the bipolar numbs the desire to.  I cannot just pull out my laptop, fire it up and the minute my fingertips hit the keys, the words magically flow onto the screen.  I’m not Stephen King or Nicholas Sparks, you know.  Let’s face reality, shall we?  Having wonderful words to magically appear on the computer monitor which clearly gets your point across, doesn’t work that way.  When I am in that bipolar state of mind, the world looks very different and my reaction to the world is way off.  Therefore my writing can be really fudged up.

The Creator and the Critic

When I write a blog or just a few lines to share, it takes a lot of effort.  I do not have someone proof reading my work, so I have to be the creator and the critic.  That can be difficult sometimes.  It is my work and I do not want to come to terms that my writing skills are not as sharp as they used to be.  I make a lot of mistakes.  Just now I wrote difficulty instead of diffcult.  Stuff like that comes up a lot – more than what I was used to in the past.

I wish my love for writing was equal to my capability to write.  Then I could write all the time and post every day.

A New Body in Heaven

I know one thing, when I get to Heaven and I am given my new body, I will have shed the bipolar like a snake sheds its skin.  No more cycling, no more rapid thoughts, no more inability to focus.  For now, I carry on with my Best Friend Jesus at my side.

Email Me

Do you have something here on Earth that you can’t wait to get rid of once you get to Heaven?  What would it mean to you to no longer have diabetes, be blind, have a speech impedement, have an addiction, feel lost, hurt, lonely, sad, angry, unforgiven?  I would love to hear you thoughts.  Email me at

Going Further– This is the site about Randy Alcorn’s book, Heaven.  It is a really good book.  I have read the book and did the Bible study.