How to obtain good sleep hygiene – and no, we are not talking about deodorant and brushing your teeth in your sleep

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I have a huge problem.  Well, it isn’t as ginormous as  Uzo Aduba’s fabulous head of massive curls everybody in Hollywood loved last year.  Okay, I’m putting the curling iron down now.  It is a shock that it is nearly impossible for me to achieve good sleep hygiene consistently.  My bipolar and narcolepsy continuously contribute on various levels.  Not enough or too much sleep?  Whichever camp I fall into that particular day.

The fuel for the fire

The bipolar and narcolepsy are like blazing infernos which keep me from making it to the pinnacle of all good sleepers: to obtain good sleep hygiene.  Things like bipolar anxiety and bipolar depression either keep me awake the majority of the night or toss and turn while sleep eludes me like a bluegill effortlessly  escaping from the fisherman’s aptly baited hook.

Where do you fall asleep?

Narcolepsy is a condition where you will almost immediately go to sleep when in a relaxed environment – anywhere.  You know, the board room meeting with the nice leather chairs and cool air surrounding you like rain on a cool spring day (zzzzzzzz); the hot new movie you have been planning on seeing since last year (zzzzzzzz); sitting in your car at a long stop light (zzzzzzzz); waiting for your coffee and danish while sitting at the coffee shop in those over-sized chairs (zzzzzzzz); or sitting on beach chairs at your child’s baseball game (zzzzzzzz).

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Sleeping at the coffee shop

I, personally, fall asleep at the drop of a hat just about A-N-Y-W-H-E-R-E.  During graduation; at the movie theater; on a date, during a long phone conversation, the hair salon, weddings, funerals, football and basketball games.

The results of having zero good sleep hygiene

I am unable to function properly if I do not have this treasure of mine which is more precious to me than gold. For instance, if I stay awake past my bed time, I will feel that next morning as if a heavy weight has been attached to my eyelids.  YAWN all day. Due to missing sleep, extreme tiredness and no motivation, it is like a domino affect.  I will skip working out.  Make poor choices for breakfast.  I will be unable to practice any personal hygiene.  Why?  Because it is too damn hard!  I will fall asleep at my laptop while the daily news repeats, repeats, repeats.  No creativity for me!

good sleep hygiene

yawning all day

The solution I was taught in a med-check session with my psychiatrist has helped me cope more times than I can count with my sleep problems.  In the next blog, I can show how you can get more sleep, feel rested when you wake up in the morning, stay awake throughout the day and learn how to go to sleep at the right time.  Sounds good to you?  Sounds like my cup of Sleepytime Herbal Tea.