Using the Holy Spirit to Manage my Bipolar


Following the Direction of the Holy Spirit

Along the years, I have made many poor decisions on my own apart from the Holy Spirit of God.  My decisions got me deep in debt, mixed up in wrong relationships, wasted precious time and compromised my professional career, to name a few.  I learned the times when I followed the Holy Spirit (HS), I was better able to manage my bipolar.

In my struggle with bipolar, the Holy Spirit of God has turned my world upside down, in a good way.  I would not be here today blogging to you if it was not for His presence in my life.  I know it was Him who rescued me time and time again from the clutches of death, the arms of adultery, the hands of addiction and the list goes on and on.

I want to introduce you to the Holy Spirit of God who I have come to love and trust.  Below are Biblical characteristics about the HS which are found in the Bible (see scripture references).

The Teacher

The HS has taught me countless life lessons (John 14:26).  The wisdom and discernment I gained over my 40 years of living is all from Him.  He has shown me what to do about my bipolar treatment, what to do in relationships, how to be a wife with bipolar and how to be an employee with bipolar..

The Power

Acts 1:8 tells us that we will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon us.  This power has helped me to choose life instead of suicide, taking a walk instead of blowing up and praying through my pain instead of throwing a pity-party.

The Strength

The God’s Spirit helps us in our weaknesses Romans 8:26.  When I am tired and worn out from my bipolar symptoms, the HS comes along and gives me strength.

The Comforter

I have cried out to God so many times in pain, frustration or even shame over my mental illness.  The HS comes along every time and comforts me in my distress.  In John 14:26 He is called the Comforter.

The Truth

As I have grown in my relationship with Jesus, I have been compelled out of love to do the right thing.  When I am confused between the truth and lies, the Holy Spirit has guided me to all truth (John 16:13).

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