Hoarding – The Truth Behind the Disorder and What to Do About It


Hoarding a Mental Health Disorder

Many people do not realize that hoarding is a mental health disorder.  People suffering from this disorder have persistent difficulty getting rid of collected items, regardless of their value.  If left untreated, this mental health disorder could lead to many destructive emotional, social, financial and physical effects.  This goes for the hoarder and the family.

The Reasons People Hoard

  1. The disorder can occur in isolation.
  2. More common to see this mental health disorder and at least one other diagnosed mental health disorder.
  3. Can be tied to major depression.
  4. Connected to dementia, ADHD or impulse control problems.

Problems with Being a Hoarder

  1. Difficulties with their interpersonal life.
  2. Invades the family’s living space, sleeping space and even their personal hygiene space.
  3. Develops stress among the family members.
  4. The stress increases, raises anxiety which intensifies the problem.


  1. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).
  2. Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) Therapy.
  3. Goal setting.

Stigma Elimination

The unsettling thing is that most hoarders do not seek treatment for their mental disorder.  This is often due to stigma and shame attributed to the issue.  Some people tend to think falsely that it is a personality quirk.  That is wrong.  It is a mental health disorder which could cause great emotional and financial danger.  Remember, none of us is immune to waking up one morning and realizing we now have a mental health disorder.


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