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Introduction to Guest Blogger

Julie Morris is a life and career coach who strives to help others live the best lives that they can by helping them reduce work stress. She spent years in an unfulfilling career in finance before deciding to help people in other ways. She’s living her passion while using her site: Be sure to stop by anytime.

How Busy Professionals Can Improve Performance and Lower Work Stress Levels

by Julie Morris

We often think of work stress as a necessary evil when it comes to being successful.  However, it could be that stress is getting in the way of reaching your professional goals.  Whether you’re struggling to find employment or need to improve your work performance, these tips can help you reduce work stress and achieve a career you love.

Guest Blogger on Work Stress

Work from home to cut costs

It’s no secret strained time and money can be a major source of stress.  In order to lighten that load, kill two birds with one stone by installing a home office and pursuing positions that allow you to work from the place you’re most comfortable.  Being able to work from home frees you from the daily commute.  You’ll spend less time traveling and cut wear and tear on your car, as well as you’ll have more time with family and friends. 

To make the most of your decision, make sure your home office is ergonomically designed.  Designing the space with comfort, productivity, and efficiency in mind can amp up your work and your lower risk of physical strain and injuries.  A handyman can even build a workspace to your specifications, installing things like customized cabinetry, shelving, and even a desk.  In Louisville, hiring a handyman typically costs between $71 – $205, but overall costs depend on the size and scope of the project. 

Guest Blogger on Work Stress

Leave the work stress behind at the office

How much time do you spend outside?  You might be surprised to learn that getting into green space appears to be a simple and effective method for cutting your work stress levels.  NBC News explains by getting into nature routinely, we can de-stress our lives.  Consider spending time working or looking for jobs outside or during your breaks, and you may experience lower cortisol levels, reduce mental fatigue, reduce depression, lower anxiety levels, and even helps reduce the chance of catching viruses.  It’s an easy way to improve both your personal and professional well-being.

Guest Blogger on Work Stress

To take those perks to the next level, add some physical activity when you’re exploring the great outdoors before or after work hours.  Consider picking up a new sport, like nature walking, mountain biking, trail running, or fly fishing.  Not only is it a chance to enjoy nature, exercise is a natural stress-reliever.  On top of that, you are more likely to shut off your electronics in order to focus on whatever activity you choose.  You may be surprised at how much better you feel simply not being held captive to your email for a while. 

Get away from gadgetry

Electronics can help streamline our work lives, being the backbone of working from home and easing communication with team members.  However, PR Newswire explains that when we are continually linked to our devices, it can increase stress and damage our physical and mental wellness.  It seems the effects are worse the more you check in with your various accounts.  If your current job demands you be in front of a screen for most of the day, be sure to set aside intentional, screen-free time before and after work. If you’re looking for employment, consider the gig economy jobs that don’t tie you to a computer, like ride sharing or food and grocery delivery.

Guest Blogger on Work Stress

To really de-stress, consider a digital detox.  Set aside your smartphone every evening at the same time and don’t pick it up again until the next morning, and take a routine fast from all your devices, like during vacations with your family.  Believe it or not, your work will still be there when you return!

Work stress is a stumbling block

It’s not unusual to associate stress with career success.  In fact, we even admire it at times, talking glowingly about colleagues who “thrive under pressure,” “burn the candle at both ends,” or give up “everything” for the sake of meeting their goals.  However, some studies indicate high levels of work stress can lead to reduced engagement in the workplace, increased absenteeism, and lowered productivity.  Plus, knowing that pressure awaits you can make it difficult to get motivated to find a job in the first place.

Guest Blogger on Work Stress

Not only can work stress harm your work, chronic stress has the potential to seriously damage your health.  It can lead to issues such as reduced immune function, increased inflammation, high blood pressure, and a reduced pain threshold.  It appears over time, work stress can even damage your brain.  It’s easy to see long-term, high levels of stress are no friend to your career, so check your perspective as needed. 

It’s a wrap

If you feel work stress is a necessary part of your work life, it’s important to rethink your perspective.  Cutting work stress can clear your mind and improve your well-being, ultimately raising your performance.  Make some health-enhancing lifestyle changes, and you will be amazed by the career boost. 

Call to Action: Work Stress Experiment

Are you living in a stressful work situation? Wanna do a work stress experiment? What one thing can you do to eliminate just one stressor from your work life? Lack of exercise? Not enough sleep? Break room gossip? Getting to work late? A toxic relationship in your department? You may have multiple stressors, but just pick one for now.

Make a plan how you are going to address that stressor and then try it out at your work. Try this for about a week to ten days. Give me a shout out on social media or in the comments section below about your stress experiment.

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I speak about the topic I am most passionate about. My heart quickens whenever I hear, speak, or write about mental health outreach.  One reason is I have a mental illness; therefore, I know just how difficult it is to live with scrambled eggs for a brain.  

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  • proper accommodations in the workplace/academic setting, (brainstorm in small groups various ideas to help people with a mental illness feel comfortable at work/school);
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  • famous people with mental illnesses (who do you know?  How has that celebrity impacted or hindered the fight against stigma?  Speak honestly about celebrity suicide);
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  • share with them my brush with suicide as a middle school student and as an adult.  (open up for discussion).
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Mental Health Speaker



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Mental Health Speaker

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