Finding God’s Will in 3 Steps – A Bipolar’s Guide

Finding God’s Will

Being bipolar seemed to make finding God’s will so much more difficult to work toward. I had the foundational knowledge of the Bible from growing up in the church. Then, add on top of John 3:16 the symptoms of ADHD, OCD, severe bipolar 1, GAD, and social anxiety. HA! At one time, due to the confusion of the illnesses, I could barely make coherent sentences. I still have trouble with placing words in the correct order.

Despite having a moldy dish rag for a brain, I was able to search for and find the Holy grail. Finding God’s will for your life, mentally ill or not, is not as hard as you think. I will share with you three steps that I have used in my search for not just God’s will. These steps helped out in many other matters, too.

What does the Bible say about finding God’s will?

Romans 12:2 shows us a way to discover God’s will. In this verse, the Apostle Paul (the author of Romans) shows us almost a step-by-step method to finding God’s will. Now, don’t put God in a box! He can use any situation with any person to glorify Himself.

Paul explains how God expects us to resist the temptation of being conformed. Conformed to what? Looking like the sin of this world. Instead, God wants us to transform our minds to be like Christ.

Be Transformed

So, how do we transform? We transform by incorporating spiritual activities into our daily life that help us to know more about Jesus. For example, finding God’s will is as easy as: prayer, Bible study, hanging out with like-minded friends, worshiping, and going to church. Now ain’t that easy?

Taste and see that the Lord is good

The long road to exploring God’s will for me took me to many wonderful places. Let us take a look at the three steps I used to find God’s will which were: prayer, Bible study, and seek Christian advice.

WARNING: God works in mysterious ways.  Do not confine Him to the suggestions found in this blog.


I love to pray. When I was trying to figure out what God wanted me to do, my prayers came often and sometimes long in length. Particularly when I had something to hash out with God, I talked a lot. I felt it was important to lay everything on the table before God. All my concerns and all the possible challenges.


Before we go any further, I need to get something ironed out. You do not need to go to a priest, a pastor, or preacher in order to pray to God. The New Testament says we do not need a go-between. Who is our go-between to our Heavenly Father? JESUS! And no one else. (Hebrews 4:14-16; 7:26; 2:17; 10:12)

Also, you do not need to know the Bible frontwards and back. Neither do you need to have a book of prayers memorized.

Just talk. That’s right. Talk to God and be yourself. Talk to Him as if He was your best friend. You do not have to clean up for God for Him to be able to hear your prayers. Jesus already did that with His blood when He went to the cross.

By His stripes we are healed.

With prayer, it is a good idea to study the Bible and have the truth of scripture in your daily environment. If you want to get to know the author of the book, in this case the Bible, you need to read it.

Bible Study

The truth of scripture in your daily environment can be a cornucopia of things to do, hear, and see. You may hear a sermon that speaks to you; read a passage in the Bible; listen to a Christian song; feel love during your quiet time; or it could be a five-minute devotional that compels you to praise God.  Our Heavenly Father can speak through so many unique situations which make it almost impossible to miss out on His voice. However,…

Bible Study

There is a catch.  You must have an open heart and a willing heart in order to hear the voice of God.  Learning more about God and trying to discern His voice through reading books and listening to Christian music may be difficult at first. Don’t give up! I encourage you to keep trying. Ask yourself “What am I doing every day to prepare myself to hear from God?” 

Give your open heart to God.

We must be on the ready for any opportunity God might raise up in front of us whether it is seeking God’s will or finding a school for your child, or changing jobs, getting married, or going into the Marines.

Christian Advice

I did not realize just how important and priceless sound Biblical advice can be to someone searching for answers to finding God’s will until I looked around and had nobody in my circle of close friends who were Christians.  What I should say is that I had lost touch with my Christian friends. When I was up against hard times, I desperately needed the companionship and the wisdom of my friends.

Biblical Advise

If you don’t have any Christian friends, they’re easy to find.  First, find a Bible-based church to attend.  Then go to your age group’s Bible classes and activities to meet people.  Don’t go just once! Hang in there. People are not perfect. Have coffee with your new friend.  Go to dinner.  Catch a football game together.  Plan a shopping trip.  It is crucial for you to have wise Godly council in your life especially if you are a new Christian.

Conclusion. But is there really a conclusion to finding God’s will?

Be ready!

Be on the ready for any opportunity God might present to you.    With prayer, you will draw closer to God.  You will no longer be puzzled finding God’s will as you receive Christian advise. When you get to know Jesus through Bible study, you will know more about the character of God.  Christian advice, prayer and Bible study will meld together showing you the way to the answers to your questions and assist you in making the most of every opportunity.

Call to Action

What is God calling you to do? Just because you have a chronic illness like a mental health challenge, doesn’t mean you cannot do the will of God. Get rid of all the negative talk and focus on God’s love and grace. Please place a comment in the comment section or email me at


For Further Study to Finding God’s Will