Do You have a Backbone or a Wishbone?


“Stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be.”  – Elizabeth Gilbert

Anxiety and Depression

Over the years, my mental illness has weakened my backbone.  Mainly anxiety and depression has chipped away at it.  I said “no” to many opportunities because of the crushing anxiety and depression that overcame me.  And I quit activities and groups more times than I can count.  With the anxiety and fear gnawing away at my backbone, my life became one wish after another.


These wishes erroded my backbone and it was replaced with a wishbone.  I have wished to myself thoughts muliple times over the years.  I wish I wasn’t so anxious.  I wish I wasn’t so depressed.  I wish I was manic so I could have the energy to do stuff.  I wish I was left alone at work.  I wish I was younger.  I wish I did not waste so much time in my younger years.  I wish I did not screw up so much.

Growing a Wishbone

All these wishes over the years have given me a wishbone to replace my backbone.  There was a time when the wishbone did not even exist.  I was not afraid to do new things; not afraid to meet new people and talk with people; not afraid of living.  I was energetic, confident, a people person, willing to try new things and was more of an extrovert.

Trading in my Wishbone

I want to get back to my old self.  I still have the bipolar, but I do not want to give up so easily on life like I used to.  I am actually in the process of trading in my wishbone for a backbone.  At the present time, I am joining activities where I wil be in the position of meeting new people and experiencing personal growth.

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