Diana, Princess of Wales, Struggled over Anxiety and Bulimia

Princess Diana

A Princess with a broken heart

There is always someone who enters our lives and touches our hearts such as Diana, Princess of Wales.  That special someone, we want to hold onto forever.  Diana, Princess of Wales was stunningly beautiful, the picture of royalty and a loving mother and wife.  Her tireless efforts helping and caring for the misfortunat will forever mark her as an angel on earth.

Nobody’s family is perfect, even royalty.  We all have skeletons in our closet that hang around all our lives.  We dare not talk about issues that hi-light our frailties.  But in this blog, I shed light on the hidden pain that Diana, Princess of Wales kept a secret for so many years.  I believe her adoring people would have stepped up and attempted to save her like she had done for so many people.

Sometime before Lady Di was laid to rest, she sat down with a tape recorder and shared the information that broke her heart.  Because of the life she lived and the man she was married to, she suffered immensely.

Diana, Princess of Wales, the Beginning of her Mental Disorder

Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles had your typical royal courtship, engagement and wedding.  The royal couple was wed on July 29, 1981.  During this time, you would think the Prince would show her just how much he loved his soon-to-be bride.  Usually the betrothed to be married would keep their asses in check until after the wedding.  Not Charles.

Diana, Princess of Wales

Diana, Princess of Wales

According to a source, Prince Charles showed his true side leading up to their marriage with a loving “nick name” for his bride from Sandringham, United Kingdom.  He was completely unaware that Princess Diana would record on a tape how Prince Charles made fun of her weight.

The comments set off a torrent of emotions inside of her.  This small spark started a blazing inferno which she battled against the rest of her life.

Sometimes we think certain people are immune from the same ills of ordinary people.  Actors, musicians, politicians or in this case royalty are no different from me and you.

A Blissful Marriage – Not So Much

Her fight began with the mental disorders a handful of days after the Prince of Wales proposed in February 1981.  It is enough to handle the stress when marrying into a royal family, but to have anxiety and bulimia on top of that, I can’t imagine what she went through.

Princess Diana explains in the recordings about her dark friendship with bulimia.  She said the feeling of being sick was cathartic.  The purging provided psychological relief.

When she purged, she actually felt better in her heart and mind.  This clearly was not a one-time event.  The time between their engagement to their wedding, she “shrunk to nothing” using the mental illness bulimia. Lady Diana Spencer “remembers the first time I made myself sick.  I was so thrilled because I thought this was the release of tension”.

Princess Diana


There was a price she paid with the bingeing and purging.  The first time Lady Diana Spencer was measured for her wedding dress, she was 29 inches around the waist.  The day she got married, Lady Di was 23-and-a-half inches.  This Princess-to-be had shrunk into nothing from February to July.

Chubby Princess

On one of the latest recordings, we hear a 19-year-old Lady Diana Spencer. She described her feelings of isolation and intimidation as a royal in waiting.  That had to be horrible for her.  This was supposed to be an exciting time for a young lady.  Instead, it was anything but.

The late Diana, Princess of Wales, asserted the bulimia started the week after her and Prince Charles got engaged.  He put his hand on her waistline and told her “Oh, a bit chubby here, aren’t we?”

Mums the Word

Diana, Princess of Wales, did not discuss these issues until 1991, when her marriage to Prince Charles began to crumble.  With the increasing gap of time since their mother’s death, the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry have been more open about their personal experiences with mental health.

Harry opened up at Heads Together Campaign on how he sought out counseling to deal with his grief.  It has taken almost 20 years for William to be able to speak about his mother openly and honestly.


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Do you know someone who is battling a food disorder or anxiety and depression?  Is your friend seeking help?  If not, are you willing to reach out?

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