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Is it Depression?

Have you ever felt like you had depression?  The blues?  Or you felt down but unsure if it was a mental illness?  What about your spouse?  Would you know depression if you saw it in your spouse?  Child?  Parent?  Friend?

It is Ugly

Coming from someone who spends some of her time in the deep abyss when she is not manic, I can tell you life can be colored really ugly because of this mental illness.  My sleep hygiene goes south.  If affects my memory.  Life seems to slow down.  Chores around the house do not get completed.  No desire for exercising.  I lose my appetite.  All I want to do is sit on the couch and stare out the window,  I let my eyes go in and out of focus so there is nothing I am really looking at.  I grow very quite.  Writing is non-existent.  Now that pisses me off.  I love writing.  That dark cloud makes me unproductive in everything.  When I was depressed at an office job, I could hardly stand it.  It felt like a a bright red heated poker was searing me in two from head to toe.  And of course thoughts of suicide and homicide.

Mental Illness Quick-Fix

Well, there is no such thing as that.  People have asked what I do to get through it.  I could say different things that I have been taught in therapy, but the truth is, I rarely use them.  The only thing I do use consistently is prayer.  I try to focus on the positives and when I begin to feel better.

Mental Health America Online Depression Quiz


If you discover this mental illness in yourself or a loved one, take the next step.  See your primary care physician for a referral.  Read. Read.  Read.  Did I say read?  Read about this mental illness so you will be informed.  Send me a comment below or an email at with your newfound knowledge.

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