Depression and Bipolar Depression and a Laptop

depression and bipolar depression

The past two weeks have been interesting with wrangling depression and bipolar depression, a twice-dead laptop my husband was trying to resurrect, which led to me getting a new laptop. All this time, my depression and bipolar depression colored my world with hues of grey. I wore the grey like a straight jacket and shackles around my feet. Due to the massive weight I was carrying, it was difficult for me to do ANYTHING.

Depression and Bipolar Depression

In less than a few weeks, one of my depression and bipolar depression medicines more than doubled in strength. Like a rocket into space, I went from 40 mg a day of Prozac to 60 mg, then 80 mg, and for now 100 mg. I am still holding my breath, since yesterday my bipolar depression reared its ugly head.

For the two weeks I was without a laptop, I had the opportunity to use our desktop computer. But every little thing I had to do differently or extra, made a writing task 100 X harder.

I like the desktop. It is positioned on a nice desk and the leather chair was comfortable. Recently my husband, James, bought two huge monitors. The times I did use it, I loved the double monitor! I could look at four different websites at the same time.

But all these perks with the desktop, paled in comparison to me sitting on the couch with the laptop balancing on my legs, and my precious Jake lying beside me.

depression and bipolar depression
depression and bipolar depression

From Depression and Bipolar Depression to New Acer Nitro 5

My Dell Laptop just quit on me a few weeks ago. Since then, James disassembled the 2 year-old Dell, trying to figure out what was wrong with it. He did get it working again, but it did not last long. My hopes were elevated just so I could come crashing down.

In the mean time, I could not write, research, or look for freelance jobs that pay. All of my websites and folders were on my laptop. Even the pass words were locked away from me. We were not able to recover my websites that I have amassed over five years. However, I had the intuition to back up my files. I felt time slipping through my hands.

depression and bipolar depression
depression and bipolar depression

James surprised me when we drove to Best Buy to pick out a laptop Thursday night! But, it took time to for me to set up the computer and move to the laptop, all my files including the passwords. I was still setting things up on the Acer Nitro 5 Sunday morning. That is three days after I bought it!

In my defense, James would usually always set up my laptop. I guess he figured since I was going on the third laptop, I needed to get a dog in the fight . LOL!

Getting a Schedule back up and Running with Depression and Bipolar Depression

Well, I know I should have blogged Monday, a week ago but I didn’t have a laptop. Just when I was getting in the swing of things to post on a regular schedule, Murphy came along.

depression and bipolar depression
depression and bipolar depression

Thanks for being patient with me. I look forward to tickling the keyboard again soon.


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I speak about the topic I am most passionate about. My heart quickens whenever I hear, speak, or write about mental health outreach.  One reason is I have a mental illness.  Another reason, I know just how difficult it is to live with scrambled eggs for a brain.  

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Life Conquering – A Mental Health Outreach speaks at schools, community events, churches, hospitals, police departments, businesses, conferences, law offices, Bible studies, retreats, military bases, your office and pretty much anywhere else I am needed and can help.

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  • my personal story as someone with bipolar 1 with psychotic features, mixed episodes/ultra-rapid cycling, ADHD, OCD, GAD, and social anxiety (I will take questions from the audience);
  • stigma – what it is and where we see it (this is a great time to do small group discussions);
  • your part – how can you decrease stigma in your world?
  • proper accommodations in the workplace/academic setting, (brainstorm in small groups various ideas to help people with a mental illness feel comfortable at work/school);
  • are schools preparing MI students for what awaits for them at the job site?  Why/why not?
  • famous people with mental illnesses (who do you know?  How has that celebrity impacted or hindered the fight against stigma?  Speak honestly about celebrity suicide);
  • how to talk with your boss, teacher, mentor, spouse, friend and children about your mental illness (brainstorm ideas);
  • the pros and cons of abusing the accommodations that are/should be afforded to you at work or school.  (discussion in small groups); and
  • share with them my brush with suicide as a middle school student and as an adult.  (open up for discussion).

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I have been living in this bipolar 1 body for over 20 years.  Therefore, I have first-hand experience of the roller coaster which includes manic and depressed episodes daily if not hourly, plus some psychoses so bad that I wanted to kill myself, and social anxiety where I have not been able to go to church.

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Having a front-row seat all these years to mental illness, I make an excellent choice to come to speak at your meeting about mental health advocacy and stigma. I can listen to the audience’s concerns, share general information, talk about how to get help and coping mechanisms.

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