Bipolar Psychotic Features Part 2 Delusions

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Bipolar Psychotic Features

As discussed in Bipolar Psychotic Features Part 1, someone with bipolar could in fact experience psychotic symptoms.  In Part 1, I shared with you hallucinations in all five senses that I have experienced.  In this post, we will take a look at delusions.


Basically when a bipolar person has delusions, he or she has lost touched with reality.  Having delusions can be pretty scary for the person who experiences them.

I have had several delusions that are attached to my bedroom.  The first delusion is I believe there is an evil clown hiding under my bed who wants to kill me.  I also have the belief there are Russian spies living in my closet.  If I open the door, they will jump out and kill me.  A more recent delusion is I see mice and rats as well as their feces all around my home.  Even though I gained weight due to my psychotropic medicines as well as the depression, I still saw myself as thin.  I believed everyone at the office was talking about me.

My very first delusion was when I was a child.  There was a bookcase in my bedroom.  It had all kinds of dusty old books.  But I did not see a bookcase, I saw hills.  Hiding out in those hills were Indians.  These Indians were on a war path to kill me.  Every night when I went to sleep, I was afraid of that bookcase.

Each person’s experience with bipolar psychotic features such as delusions is different.  Someone might think they are god.  They could believe aliens have tapped into their brain.  Maybe their boss is out to get them.

The Reality of It All

These delusions may sound absurd, but they are real to the person having them.  There are times when my heart pounds so hard that I can hear it in my ears as I am walking up the stairs to go to my bedroom.  I really hate going to bed.  I would rather sleep on the couch with my two dogs than go in a room where there are evil clowns and killer spies.


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