A Bipolar Interviewee is as Funny as a Surfer Transplanted to Alaska

bipolar interviewee

A Bipolar Interviewee

This Bipolar Interviewee scheduled an interview with a law firm for yesterday afternoon.  Trying to find a job is not the time to break down and have a freak show.  Since the weekend, I have been feeling depressed because my psychiatrist took me off my Prozac.  Duh!  I could have told him four weeks ago when he told me to tapper off that I needed the anti-depressant.  So, I have depression hanging over me like a dark cloud.  Will this affect the interview?

A Bipolar Interviewee with Extreme Anxiety Do Not Mesh

With the Prozac slowly getting back into my body, the depression was not as exhausting the day of the interview. I was really interested in this job.  The job reminded me a lot of my former job.  It was a legal assistant/office manager position at a law firm 17 minutes from my house.  But something just was not right for this Bipolar Interviewee.

I was getting ready that afternoon when my body started shaking all over like an autumn leaf in the October winds.  My arms, my hands and even my legs were shaking.  Then my stomach began to feel icky.

The Only Place to Go is Prayer

I took a moment out and prayed.  I prayed for wisdom to know if I should go on the interview or cancel.  I prayed for peace.  I hashed it out with God about the reasons for a Bipolar Interviewee to try for a job that nearly landed me in a mental hospital four weeks ago.  The only one I came up with was it advertised good money.  Before I even revealed the reason, I knew it was hardly a reason at all.

Poor Decisions Lead to a Light Bulb Moment

Once I made my decision to cancel the interview, I called the office and let them know.  As I was sitting on my couch flanked by my two cheerleaders in fur and a wagging tail, I thought about the job and some obvious reasons why I should not have made arrangements for an interview in the first place.  1.  Too stressful.  2.  Leads to problems with physical and mental health.  3.  No paycheck is worth my sanity or health.  4.  Commute across a toll bridge.  5.  A lot of paycheck would go to tolls and gas.

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