Bipolar Disorder Symptoms – Are You Missing the Subtle Signs?

bipolar disorder symptoms

Bipolar Disorder Symptoms- Difficult to Diagnose

With the complexities of bipolar disorder symptoms,they are often difficult for doctors to identify and understand.  I was not diagnosed bipolar until I was 30 years old.

The National Institute of Health determined 2.6% of the adults in the USA live with bipolar disorder symptoms.  However, the sobering thought is that the number is actually higher.  Bipolar 1 disorder alone is often misdiagnosed or overlooked.

“Oh, I was only tired.”

Many diagnosed bipolars cover up what truly is going on:

1  because they are scared about what is going on with their bodies;

2. afraid what their friends will say about them;

3.  unable to adapt to this new way of life; and

4.  they do not want to take their medications.

I lived for such a long time hiding what was going on inside me from the people around me.  I am learning it is important to talk about the struggles of bipolar disorder.  However, you need to find the right people to share this piece of your life with: your therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist, someone from church, support group, family member or friend.  I sure miss my support group.

Bipolar disorder symptoms are often misconstrued as chronic depression, anxiety or possibly moodiness.  Saying trouble at work or tiredness is often a common complaint for a person hiding their bipolar symptoms.

Questions You should ask the Questionable Bipolar Person in Your Life

  1. Are your moods very extreme and generally pivot between high and low?
  2. Do you experience extreme exuberance along with episodes of depression?
  3. During these depressive states, do you experience significant trouble with your appetite, energy and sleep?
  4. Do you find it challenging to complete tasks and have a slew of half-complete projects in your life?


This information only scratches the surface in regards to subtle signs of bipolar.  It also looks different in teenagers.  Of course you may use the comments section below or my email address below to send questions, comments and short summaries on your own personal situations.  I would LOVE to hear from you.

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