Bipolar Blogger mad as Hell over Pastor giving false mental health advice to a Woman who has Bipolar


Have you seen this bipolar woman?

Jamie Davenport-Tull, who has bipolar, went missing in California over two weeks ago. They found her car of which had been in a crash near her home. But Jamie’s body was nowhere near the vicinity.

Jamie accepted the advice from her pastor and his wife. They falsely believed the pills Jamie was taking for her bipolar were a “gateway drug to the devil”.

Fortunately for the clergyman, this did not turn out to be a manslaughter case.


Bipolar Medications Save Lives

How God feels about you

God loves you with a love that could fill the Grand Canyon.  He made us fearfully and wonderfully in our mother’s womb. God knew I was going to be bipolar before I took my first breath. He knows the number of hairs on our head because He has counted each one.

Some people say that God punishes people by giving them cancer, a mental illness or diabetes. If God knows me that intricately like knowing how many hairs I have on my head, He is not going to punish me by giving me bipolar.

God’s love is unlimited. So unlimited that God’s Son, Jesus, died for you! I have learned so much about God’s grace through my illness. 

The entire human body is physical

The Bible teaches that we are the temple of His Holy Spirit. That means you are a temple not just in your heart, legs or lungs. You are a temple from the tip of your head to the bottom of your feet.

A temple is a physical object isn’t it? Our bodies are physical. Sometimes a part of the body gets sick. The pancreas does not get enough insulin to process the sugar intake. Well, an endocrinologist would prescribe their patient an oral drug or insulin shots. The heart gets sick and shows the body has high blood pressure. The family doctor will prescribe a blood pressure pill.  Bipolar is no different than these illnesses.

What about the brain?

So, what if your brain gets sick? These medicines are NOT from the devil. The brain is an organ like the heart, the pancreas or the stomach. If a part of the body gets sick, it needs treatment. The brain should not be treated any differently than the rest of the body. God knew that thousands of years ago when He created the world. He also knew there would be chemists to make medicines to help keep His temple healthy.

bipolar stigma


The Pastor’s Confused Faith

The pastor did not know enough about mental illnesses. He was unwilling to check out the facts before he gave out psychiatric medical advice. However, It was not illegal what the pastor did. He is covered by the First Amendment.

What should we do?

People need to be educated. They are not going to read books on bipolar anymore that I would read books on how to be a beekeeper. We need to get the words out about bipolar and other mental illnesses. The illnesses are real and their origins are not based on hocus-pocus crap.


What do you think should be done to spread the word about the truth of mental illnesses? What are your thoughts on the story of Jamie? I would love to hear your comments or you can email me at :

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