Learning to Write despite Bipolar Episodes


Dear Friends, Family and Followers of Life Conquering,

Until recently, I felt as if I have been “playing” at writing.  Now that I have some major news blogs who want me to write for them, it is as if I have finally arrived.  Things are coming together.  But not without my ball-and-chain, bipolar.  I cannot impress on you enough how difficult it is to write a simple sentence on some days.

Recently I have had mixed episodes.  This is where I experience both depression and mania at the same time.  I am in the middle of a tug-of-war, literally.  On one side, depression tugs me this way and the other side is mania pulling me the other way.  I believe it is one of the worse bipolar symptoms.  Right now I am having auditory hallucinations.  But I can still write.  With mixed episodes the tug-of-war lands me in the desert of do nothing.

Blasting News!

I shared some news with you last week concerning my writing on the internet. After writing an article on Dancing With the Stars, I was told for Blasting News! I can write on any topic.  I might use this blog as a way to stretch my writing legs by writing other topics.  They told me to start out writing three articles a week.  I will need to eventually increase that number to 10 articles per week.


Internet Writing

The Mighty

I am also writing for The Mighty.  It is a blog that promotes the latest information on mental health on a personal note.  When I submitted my first article to The Mighty, I was told they were unable to publish my article because they were so far behind.  But I was hopeful!  Not even a week later, I received an acceptance email and an offer to be a contributing writer.  I really like The Mighty.  Even though this is not a paid gig, it is a fabulous way of getting Life Conquering in front of a larger audience.


Mental Health Blog


On both blogs, I have a profile and the website for Life Conquering will be posted on the article or the profile.  I know one blog, or maybe both will include a short bio along with the website’s address.  Their membership numbers are in the millions.

Creating Exposure

I know I have mentioned this before that getting my bipolar and mental illness blog’s name out there will boost my social media and website exposure.  Why is this important?  And why does it matter to you?  Every person who likes or follows me on my website and on social media is building my platform for my book about bipolar.


Social Media

A Strong Social Media Presence equals a Strong Platform for a Bipolar Book

A platform is important in the book publishing industry.  Yes!  Among the blogs and articles I am writing every week, I am also writing a memoir.  I need to show my editor and the book publishers there are people interested in my information that I put out there on the internet.   If people are following me on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Penterist, Google+ and of course my website, this means potential readers  of the memoir which means money in their pocket.

This is what I need from you: if you are not already following me on social media or Life Conquering Blog, please go to the sites below and click FOLLOW/LIKE!

Thank you for your encouragement and support,