Anxiety Fools Your Brain to Direct Your Actions and Thoughts


Anxiety is Extremely Powerful

Anxiety will ruin your belief in yourself.  When you tell yourself you cannot stomach the garbage anxiety feeds you, it will loosen its grip on you.  However, not without leaving a path of doubt and destruction behind.  In this blog, I am going to suggest five ways anxiety may fool you into believing its lies.

No. 1 People Do Not Like You

I experienced this mental illness when I was at a desk job.  It had me believing everyone was talking about me.  I had an awful image of myself.

Ask Yourself:

  1. Did you really do something so bad that someone would be upset with you?
  2. Might you be worrying when you shouldn’t?
  3. Does it really matter if he/she likes you?

    No. 2 You will Eventually Fail

Your illness will make the ultimate decision for you that you will fail.  It could be ANYTHING!  Can you imagine the weight of the fear?

Ask Yourself:

  1. What is the worst thing that could happen if you fail?
  2. What will you miss out on if you don’t try?
  3. Are you certain you’ll fail or is it just your mental illness?

No. 3 You Can’t Handle Doing What Comes Next

You cannot handle this next job or the crowds or your mother-in-law.  But in all reality you might not like or love these activities, but you can manage them perfectly.

Ask/Tell Yourself:

  1. Is the worst-case scenario the most horrid thing you can experience?
  2. This is only temporary.
  3. YOU are stronger than your fear. You do not have to believe the lies it is whispering in your ear.

No. 4 It’s Gonna Blow!

Your mental illness has lied to you all this time about how sucky the end will be.  The sad thing is you have not realized this is a lie.  It is affecting everything you do and say.

Ask/Tell Yourself:

  1. Why do I always think the worst is going to happen?
  2. Has the worst always happened?
  3. Make a list of all the good things you have. Include your blessings, memorable events and successes.

No. 5 You’ll Feel Lost or Scared

If you suffer from social anxiety like I do, you feel scared around strangers and even the people you know.  In a world with many people, haven’t I made at least one friend?  Isn’t it more likely that I will meet one person I am not afraid of?

Ask Yourself:

  1. Why is it important that I believe and buy into these thoughts?
  2. What if I am genuinely welcome? What if everyone is really cool with me?


Do you deal with any form of anxiety?  If so, how do you treat it when it flares up?  Any tips to share?  Place a comment below or email me at

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