Recommendations on Anxiety Books for Children whom have Anxiety Problems



Below is a list of children’s books on anxiety from two-years-old to middle grades.  The hope is for you to find a book that both you and your child will be able to enjoy.  And most importantly, help him or her use this book as a way of therapy through his or her anxiety.  I have included the web listing for each book.  Please send me comments or emails at to let me know your feedback.  Thanks!

Anxiety from Different Perspectives

  1. School’s First Day of School

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This is one of many recommendations on anxiety books for children which just happens to be from the perspective of the school on the first day of the year.  There is usually not much more anxiety than the anxiety felt by majority of children on that first day.

The Perfectionist Who Finds out There is a Better Way

  1. The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

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Beatrice has NEVER made a mistake!  She wins every competition and always dresses perfectly until…she makes her first mistake…publicly.  This is a page turner.  A really cute book on how to deal with anxiety.

3. Ish

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In this exciting book, you will discover that being creative and thinking “ish-ly” is way better than being right all the time.

Scared of Your Own Shadow?

4.Sophie’s Fish

Just how hard would it be to baby-sit a fish?  Not all that hard, right?  Wrong.  Jake, the baby-sitter gets anxious over all the different kinds of scenarios that keep popping up in his head regarding the fish.  Sophie’s Fish is a great book for all the children who are afraid of their own shadow.

Two-Five Year Old’s Recommendation

  1. Noni is Nervous

This is a book for our 2-5 year-old crowd.  Our story finds us befriending Noni who is nervous about everything.  Our protagonist finds a way to survive through the jungle of anxiety where everyone comes out alive!

Middle School Years

  1. Justin Case – School, Drool and Other Daily Distress

School just began and nothing is going Justin’s way.  His kid sister is starting kindergarten at his school.  His best friend is not in his class.  He does not get the right teachers he signed up for!  On top of that, he has lost his favorite stuffed animal. In the end, Justin bravely steps out of his scaredy-cat shell and into the hearts of the readers.  A fabulous example of a middle schooler winning through adversity.

  1. Frazzled – Everyday Disasters and Impending Doom

You will get to love Abbie Wu, in this book.  She is a middle schooler always in a crisis.  Abbie tries to figure out who she is and where she belongs.  She is definitely in the middle of facing survival mode in everyday disasters while growing up.  Isn’t middle school like a bad episode of “Survivor”, anyway?  Great books for children with anxiety from the perspective of an adolescent!

  1. Courage for Beginners

Twelve-year-old Mysti is wanting to escape into a fictional land when her world becomes too difficult.  Don’t we all!  You really need to read this book!  Do not have any teenagers at home?  Get it anyway!  This is a great book for adults, too.

  1. The Thing about Jelly Fish


A jellyfish, coming of age, death, love, anxiety, trip around the word and the wonderment of the universe.  This is not just another middle school novel.  Enjoy.


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