Rapid Cycling Bipolar and Prayer

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I have had bipolar for twenty years, but I was just diagnosed ten years ago.  I have what they call rapid cycling bipolar.  This means I can cycle through depression, mania and everything in between in a matter of days, hours and even minutes.

Bipolar at Work

At work I have been struggling with my bipolar.  One minute I can have my head in my hands, unable to function and then the next minute, I am running circles around my desk.  Having a mental illness really pushes one to cry out to the Lord.

The Power of Prayer

Today at work, it happened again – I could not stay focused on my work, I could not make phone calls and everything seemed ten times more difficult.  If I let things go as they were, I would have left work that second and not returned.  But instead I prayed to God, asking for his strength. The more I prayed, the better I felt.  I would love to tell you that I prayed to God that one time and then the rest of the day was smooth sailing.  Ha!  The cycling moods came back several times today.  In the end, Jesus took my hand and walked through the cycling with me.  When I was at my weakest today, God gave me the strength to walk on.

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