Bipolar Makes a Good Teacher

bipolar is a good teacher

Bipolar can be very humbling. Before I began having the mind numbing depression and was unable to function as a teacher, I was at the top of my game. I was a well respected teacher by students and peers. I had my Masters in K-12 Administration. I did the grueling interview for our local district to get on the list for assistant principals and principals. I even served as an assistant principal when our principal fell ill. I was a mentor teacher, team leader. I was overflowing with ideas for our students. Co-sponsor of FCA. Yeah, you guessed it. I put a little too much stock in what Amy could do not what GOD could do through her. I was focused on my accomplishments and glorifying them not glorifying God and praising Him for my talents. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that God looked down from Heaven and said Amy is not pleasing me so I will give her bipolar. No way! That is not how He works. Before this planet was formed, He knew me. /he knew you, too. He knew I would have the right mix of genes and environment to cook up a batch of bipolar. That was not an after thought. I think of Paul in the New Testament of the Bible who had the thorn in his side. Paul asked God to remove it several times. But it was left to keep him humble. I believe my bipolar has taught me things about myself and about other people that I never would have learned if it wasn’t for me going through this. I am more accepting of people because of the bipolar. God speaks to us in mysterious ways. In what ways is He speaking to you?