Stress and how to Diminish the Symptoms at the Workplace

Stress is Inevitable

Do you have stress at your job? My whole working life has been stressful. When you feel feel the heart burn and stomach ache, you need to find ways to survive. When I was working a desk job or teaching, I was beyond stressed. I had to discover ways to slow my beating heart.

Visit another cube-mate

A co-worker was in another part of the building. When I got stressed out about something, I would walk over to him. We would talk about work, his son, life and laugh. Taking that simple break, gave me a reprieve from the pressure of my job.

Breathe deeply with your eyes closed

Sometimes I would sit at my desk, close my eyes and breathe deep and cleansing breaths. This stress relieving activity is for the stressed-out employee chained to their desk.

Drink plenty of water

I brought a large insulated cup with me to work. I know when the brain gets dehydrated the lack of fluids in the body can cause muscle cramps and you may feel faint. You certainly do not want to feel sick at work!  If you don’t have a cup, walk to the water fountain.


If you do not know how to hypnotize yourself, it is easy to learn. When I got mega stressed out, my mind would begin to race, I was unable to concentrate and I got anxious. I closed my eyes, went to a safe place and let myself relax. The stress would melt away.


Walk out to your car

When work’s demands engulfed me, a walk out to the car on any day was the perfect shot in the arm.


What do you do when you get stressed out? In the comment section below, write out the strategies you use while at work. You can email me, too at

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