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Take a look at the services below that are offered to you to purchase from Life Conquering.

  1. freelance award-winning blogger and
  2. a mental health public speaker.

If you scroll down the page, you will discover more detailed information about each service.  Have any questions concerning Amy’s credibility as a freelancer or speaker?  Feel free to peruse Life Conquering Blog.  There are countless examples of topics we can present or write about.

Do you not see your topic of interest in the pages of Life Conquering Blog?  Then talk to us here at Life Conquering.  I am sure we will be able to work something out. Email me at if you would like to connect with a project.

Life Conquering Blog

Life Conquering Blog

Freelance award-winning blogger

I am a freelance award-winning blogger who writes about all things regarding mental health.  A freelance writer is one who is contracted to complete particular writing assignments.  As a blogger for your company, I would obtain subjects, topics or other company information the owner wanted to share with his/her clients.  I would utilize proven strategies for SEO in order to increase traffic flow to your blog.


For four years, I have been a freelance writer and blogger.  It was just in this current year that I gained “Top 100 Bipolar Blog” status as well as “2018 Best Bipolar Disorder Blog”.  At the moment, I write for the blog I founded, Life Conquering a Mental Health Blog as well as a regular contributor to Psych Central which is also a blog.  Lastly, I am versed in WordPress and still learning.  If you jump over to my “Publications” tab on the homepage, you will find a listing of all the published, print and online, articles that I have written.

2018 Best Blogs - Bipolar Disorder

2018 Best Blogs – Bipolar Disorder

Hire me, Amy Pierce Romine to be your freelance award-winning blogger

I am excited about the opportunity to help you manage your blog or write articles for blog posts.  I can write about nearly any content you need.  I will utilize proven techniques for successful blogging.  Contact me at my email address:, please.

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Freelance award-winning blogger

Mental health public speaker

I speak about the topic I am most passionate about, mental health. I speak at schools, community events, churches, women’s teas and luncheons, coach meetings, hospitals, police departments, businesses, conferences, law offices, retreats, military bases and pretty much anywhere else I am needed.  Anywhere you see a person, mental health just might be there.

Life Conquering

Life Conquering Mental Health Public Speaking

Topics I discuss

  • share my personal story (questions);
  • stigma, what it is (how to get rid of it);
  • mental illness accommodations in the workplace, (brainstorm, in small groups, ideas to help people feel comfortable at work;
  • famous people with mental illnesses (who do you know?  how have they helped tear down the walls of stigma);
  • talking with your boss, spouse, friend, children about your mental illness (brainstorm ideas);
  • do not abuse the accommodations; and
  • any topic you need me to speak on


I have been living in this bipolar 1 body for over 20 years.  Therefore, I have first-hand experience of being bipolar as well as manic, depressed, psychotic, mixed, ultra-rapid cycling, ADHD, OCD and GAD.  I have had a front-row seat all these years to many symptoms other people go through.  I can listen to their concerns, talk about help and coping mechanisms.  I have had plenty of years giving speeches off the cuff.  For eight years, I was a middle school teacher.  In my opinion, if I can handle a middle school crowd, I can handle anything.

Life Conquering

Life Conquering

Hire me, Amy Pierce Romine to be your mental health speaker

I would love to come to your place of business and discuss with your associates my passion.  Just email me at  Together with knowledge, we will be able to tear down walls of stigma.

mental health speaker

mental health speaker


Life Conquering a Mental Health Blog

Welcome to Life Conquering a Mental Health Blog!  In addition to being the founder of Life, I am also a freelance writer and advocate for Mental Health Awareness.

Life Conquering is an award-winning blog

Please visit my award-winning blog at the addresses below.

“Top 100 Bipolar Blogs”

“2018 Best Bipolar Disorder Blogs”

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Life Conquering and Psych Central (Mental Health Discoveries)

Life Conquering and Psych Central (Mental Health Discoveries)