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Welcome to Life Conquering a Mental Health Blog!  In addition to being the founder of Life, I am also a freelance writer and advocate for Mental Health Awareness.

Life Conquering is an award-winning blog

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“Top 100 Bipolar Blogs”

“2018 Best Bipolar Disorder Blogs”

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Contributing Author

Psych Central

Blasting News

The Mighty

On-line Magazine Guest Writer

Believer Life!

On-line magazine that is no longer in business

  • “Driving Fear Through Prayer” published in the mid-December 2014 issue
  • “From Law Books to ABC’s Making Poor Decisions in an Attempt to Figure out God’s Will” published in the mid-February 2015 issue

Today’s Christian Living


Print magazine and website

  • “Strength in Weakness” (bipolar) published in the October/November 2015 Vol. 53 No. 6 issue on page 40
  • “Praying Through Fear” (anxiety) published in the November 2017 Vol. 52 No. 6 issue on page 50

Public Speaking Guest Speaker

Pinterest and Popcorn

A Women’s Ministry Activity at my church to share ideas

  • Introduced Life Conquering
  • Shared information to educate on mental health
  • Spoke individually with the women and ministered to them




Life Conquering and Psych Central (Mental Health Discoveries)

Life Conquering and Psych Central (Mental Health Discoveries)


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