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Welcome to Life Conquering a Mental Health Blog!  In addition to being the founder of Life, I am also a freelance writer and advocate for Mental Health Awareness.

about Amy Pierce Romine

Freelance writing

Finally a diagnosis

For 30 years, I went without knowing anything was wrong with me.  A mental illness was the farthest possibility from my mind (LOL!  No pun intended).  After my first diagnosis of just “bipolar”, I waited another seven years to discover my most current diagnosis.  I have bipolar 1 with psychotic features, mixed episodes and ultra-rapid cycling.  An extension of my diagnosis includes the bipolar type of ADHD, OCD, GAD and social anxiety.

about Amy Pierce Romine

God’s love

Even with that laundry list of diagnoses and the fact that bipolar is considered one of the most serious mental illnesses someone could have, my life is a testament of God’s sacrificial love, mercy, grace and never-ending friendship.  If I am not researching an answer for a blog post, I am speaking from my own pinch-me-in-the-arm-to-see-if-I am-awake experiences

Encouragement and support

encouragement and support

encouragement and support

Every experience is different in my life.  I could have hallucinations in all five senses.  I  believe spies are hanging out in the closet wanting to kill me.  A mixed episode so bad that it turns me catatonic.  Or ADHD preventing me from listening to a podcast on writing.  At the end of the day, it all comes down to my faith in God and of course my friends and family who encourage and support me every step of the way. 

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Life Conquering and Psych Central (Mental Health Discoveries)

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