Happy Hot Dog Day! How Many Toppings are on Your Dog?

Happy Hot Dog Day!

Happy Hot Dog Day!  Summer is not the same without hot dogs.  I was one of those kids in the late 70’s and throughout the 1980’s who ate my fair share of the hot dog.

Dissecting the Hot Dog

There have been times over the years that I have felt like a hot dog.

  1. Hot dog – My brain represents the meat of the hot dog.  You could have all kinds of hot dogs.  Do you really know what is inside that casing?  Could be cheese, beef, turkey, Kosher meat, etc. Depending upon the minute, hour, day, week or month, I could be any combination mood or behavior.
  2. Hot dog bun – Just like the bun wraps itself around the dog protecting it from the outside, my skin has had to grow thick over the years in order to withstand life’s curve balls.  But just as the bun is exposed on one side, so am I.  I am only human.
  3. How do you dress your hot dog? – There are countless ways to dress your dog.  The more toppings you pile up, the greater the stress you have in your life.

Feeling Like a Hot Dog Today

On this Hot Dog Day, I am “relishing” (I could not resist) that I am a different hot dog.  It has been a month since I quit my 19th job (since college).  My hot dog today just has ketchup.  It took a long time to shovel off all those stressful toppings.

The Dog with the Works

When I first quit my job, my body and brain had to do a complete 180.  My old job was very stressful.  It had a lot of toppings.  I was on emergency mode constantly.  Someone with my issues just cannot stay at that high level of alertness all day.  And I say all day because the high intensity slapped me in the face when I got out of bed and it kicked me in the pants when I went to sleep.

hot-dog day

Dog with the Works

When I was at that job, I was a hot dog with the works being shoved down the mouth of legal documents to draft, checks to cut, medical records to scan and discovery to complete.  Every day, the work piled higher and higher.

After my hot dog exploded one too many times, I decided it was time to go to another hot dog stand.  And now I am much happier.  No more being topped with yellow mustard, chopped white onions, dill pickle spear, tomato slices, Chicago-style relish, hot peppers, and a dash of celery salt.  Those dog days are long gone.


Please tell me about your hot dog and its toppings.  You can email me, too.  lifeconquering@gmail.com

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