Adjustment Disorder with Depression

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Changes in Life

I was doing some research on depression and came across adjustment disorder. After I read the definition, I knew I had heard of it, I just did not know the official name. With adjustment disorder, it is a group of symptoms for example stress, feeling sad or hopeless and physical symptoms after a stressful life event. These symptoms occur because you are having difficulty coping with a significant change in your life such as a divorce, job loss, theft, hurricane, flood, tornado, fire, major surgery, stock market loss or personal betrayal. This can all lead into an adjustment disorder with depression.

Adjustment disorder is less intense and has a shorter duration than major depression. During the course of the day, there are greater mood fluctuations. Adjustment disorder might even extend into major depression.

Symptoms of Adjustment Disorder

Due to the situation that has impacted your life, you might begin to feel down. You might become engrossed with and stressed by negative thoughts about the troubling situation night and day.

Even someone with bipolar I can have an adjustment disorder depression, too.  Let me give you an example.  A couple years ago, my husband and I decided to sell our house. We loved the house but the neighborhood was not the way it used to be. After we finally sold the house, we moved into a three-bedroom townhouse with our two dogs. During this time, I have been stressed about when we are going to finally move and how much longer can we stay in such a small space? With these issues, I have plenty of negative thoughts that cause me to magnify the situation.

I have learned there are plenty of resources available to me that I can use in coping with any situation. I can have a medicine adjustment, talk with my psychologist, talk it out in group therapy or talk with a friend.

Knowing when to go for Help

As you have seen on this blog and others posted on Life Conquering, depression has various causes, happens in different forms, fluctuates in degrees of intensity and how long it lasts.  It depends on the person and situation. When gathering information on adjustment disorder depression, you can decide what to do that best fits your abilities and circumstances, and know when to go to a professional for help.

Going Further